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The Line Up

In order to register for New International Student Orientation, 
it is mandatory to sign up for 2 sessions in September:

one required session  + one optional session of your choice!


 • Required Session: It must be a "Know the Rules" session that is relevant to your situation
(e.g. if you are inside or outside the U.S.). These sessions are listed with the "Required" icon


    • Optional Session of Your Choice: Your second session can be any session of interest to you to meet the 2 session requirement. These sessions are listed with the "Optional" icon. 

    • Intercultural Programs do not count towards the two required sessions, but we encourage you to attend! These sessions are listed with the "Intercultural" icon. 

🖥 virtual event  |   🙋🏽in-person event

*Please note that you will see certain sessions listed multiple times. This is an effort to accommodate times zones and schedule conflicts as much as possible. Finally, you are more than welcome to register for as many sessions as you would like! We can't wait to meet you at International Orientation!


No upcoming events at the moment
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