FALL 2021

Welcome to UC San Diego, Tritons!

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Go ahead and explore your Virtual Welcome Packet below. Simply hover over each item, click to view more, and enjoy the experience! 


  September 8 - 17 :: fall orientation  

Meet ISPO & Understand Your Immigration Documents • Know the Rules
• Lunch & Learn • working as an international student • COVID-19 Update

• Protect Yourself: Campus Safety & Scams • and more!

college orientation

Seventh Orientation • Sep 12-17
Sixth Orientation • Sep 15-21
Revelle Orientation • Sep 12-21
Roosevelt Orientation • Sep 10-20
Warren Orientation • Sep 13-22
Marshall Orientation• Sep 21-29
Muir Orientation • Sep 13-20

Visit newtriton.ucsd.edu 

to learn more.

Grad & departments

The Graduate Division has organized a series of webinars highlighting various resources and opportunities available to graduate students  

Visit gradlife.ucsd.edu to learn more.

Intl Parent & Family

Parent & Family Programs has organized sessions that will inform you about the campus, your student’s transition to college, and how families are supported by the university’s resources and services. 

Visit the "For Family" tab to learn more.